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        Company Introduction
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        China Cenpower Energy Co.,Ltd was founded in August, 2003 invested by three electric power enterprises in Shandong province. The company employs nearly300 senior and skillful technical personnel and management, who have the knowledge covering various fields of electric power and have engaged in many projects. It is a technical service company in the field of electric power and energy.
        Cenpower has a strong technical force and has complete professional equipment. It is specialized in electric power operation, management and engineering service. As a science and technology service company, it has a good reputation in the fields like domestic thermal power generation, gas combined cycle power generation, combined thermal power generation, comprehensive utilization of resources, clean energy or renewable sources of energy, energy saving, environmental protection.

        2.Business Scope
        China Cenpower focus on services for large-sized power generation companies with 300 MW—600MW unit as well as thermal power plant for public or captive use with 15 MW—150MW unit. China Cenpower provides service from all respects from study on project feasibility to operation management as well as engineering/technical services. The summary on services is as follows:
        Commissioning & Electric power test for power plant
        ■ Startup commissioning for power plant
        ■ Performance test for power plant
        ■ Power transmission and transformation test for power plant
        Operation assistance & entrusted operation service for power plant
        ■ The operating service of power plant ( including coal fired power plant, waste incineration power plant, Bio energy generation, waste heat generation, diesel generation etc.) ,the dispatch and service of professional technical personnel (special engineer,shift leader, monitor, operator etc). Special management team dispatch and service.
        ■ Entrusted operation, trusteeship and operation, turnkey operation for power plant
        ■ Management training of production, management personnel and operators of power plant.
        ■ Professional theory training of operating and maintenance personnel of power plant
        ■ Post technical ability training of operating and maintenance personnel of power plant
        ■ Technical ability training of overseas power plant personnel
        Power engineering service
        ■ Power construction projects management
        ■ Light & heavy overhaul service and temporary overhaul & fault overhaul service for power plant
        ■ Checking and maintenance for power plant
        Electric power/energy/chemical/metallurgical engineering service
        ■ Thermal techniques performance optimization
        ■ Fault diagnosing, analyzing and removing
        ■ Energy-saving and cost-reducing for electric power/energy/chemical/ metallurgical engineering
        Power technological transformation service
        ■ Power plant economy performance analysis
        ■ Instrument fault digonising, analysing and removing

        3.Core advantages
        China Cenpower Energy Co., Ltd regards technological progress as the guide, clients as the god, and service as the first. Its core advantages are:
        ★It owns an advanced and mature electric power operation and management system and an efficient and agile operation mechanism simultaneously.
        ★Based on scientific management, it owns a flawless service quality control/guarantee system.
        ★All technical personnel are come from big and medium sized enterprises and scientific research institutions. They are experienced on operation, management, technical consultation, equipment maintenance and so on of electric power enterprises.
        ★The company owns complete professional setup and advanced technology detection and diagnosis equipments.
        ★Based on 4 electric power enterprise, the company has powerful resources of talents and technology.

        4.Values of the company
        ★Customer First
        ★Team Work
        ★Job Pleasure

        Tel: +86(531)66683093
        Fax: +86(531)66683097

        Address: Room 3406, Building 1, Jingdu International Plaza, No.66 Shunhe East Street, Jinan, Shandong, China 250012

        版權所有: 濟南中能電力工程有限公司 地址: 濟南市順河東街66號銀座晶都國際1號樓3406 電話: 0531-66683093

        ICP: 魯ICP備05041749號
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